6″ Alien Skeleton

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Todays the mystery of the six (6) inch mummified Alien Skeleton found in the Atacama Desert of Chile, has been solved. The body which is six (6) inches long appears likely to be a fetus,but has the skeletal structure of a much older six (6) year old child. Since the mummy had ten (10) pairs of rib and not twelve (12) pairs, along with an elongated head, led some scientists to believe it could be alien. Confirmed by DNA testing the skeleton, nicknamed “Ata” found in 2003, is human.

Skeleton of foetus with estimated age of 18-20 weeks

Garry Nolan, professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Stanford University, who, along with his team, did the analysis. skeletons release it was stated that the skeleton is not an alien nor a non-human primate as some scientists had speculated. The fetus was that of girl who had suffered from a host of genetic mutations, she was so badly malformed she couldn’t be fed, in her condition she would have been a neonatal ICU patient Professor Nolan told the Guardian. In a footnote to this story, the remains turned out to be only forty (40) years old and not ancient remains as had been speculated upon discovery.

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