A Sad Day For Mankind.



I woke up this morning  to the news of Koko, the Western lowland gorilla, dying at the age of 46. I cried, yes I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to animals. I remember when she was born, I remember seeing the video in 1974 of her learning sign language. I cried because this gorilla showed more love, empathy, and understanding than most people I’ve come across in my life.  What I did not know is that besides her language skills and her guitar ability, she was also quite the photographer. The 1978 photograph on the cover  of National Geographic was actually taken  by Koko herself.  I cried because she showed the world that animals have  not only brains but souls as well.  I doubt anybody could spend one minute with her and not fall absolutely in love.  The human race could learn a lot by paying attention to The animal kingdom! The world has lost a beautiful soul today, may you rest in peace Koko!


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Written by Big Momma, c4ocradio.com

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