Is the new Smashing Pumpkins tour really a reunion?

By: Ron DCMDJ Johnson


What makes a reunion show a “true” reunion show?



I’ve been going to live performances since there wasn’t a question of “who’s in the line-up” so in my early goings when I went to see a band I expected it to be the all of the “original” members…… See where I even have a problem starting this article? Why did I even have to put original in quotes? What started me writing this was The Denster asked me to write a piece about the new Smashing Pumpkins tour and the more I dug in to it, the more I found that there is a disagreement as to whether or not that this was indeed  a “true” reunion tour. (I’m going to stop using the quote/unquote because I always picture somebody doing them in air).  What I am going to open up to discussion is the question of what makes a reunion tour really a reunion?



Just how many members of a band should be present for it to be a reunion show? Which members are irreplaceable and which ones aren’t? I remember seeing Judas Priest with Tim Owens taking the place of Rob Halford. Even though he did a great job I was feeling a little empty having been to many other shows with Mr. Halford as the front man.



Checkout the video of each doing the same song and decide for yourself.




Then there are bands that have been through multiple lineup changes and no-one seems to mind. Such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica….. The fact is there are almost zero bands that have remain unchanged since the beginning.




There are just some band members that you have to have at live show. It really is up to the great debate as to who is really important in each position in a band and which band it is. Let us here at know which bands you have seen with the original members or what you consider to be a true reunion lineup.














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