Love of a local Music Scene!

I have played in a local band in Orange County Ca. for 28 years now, I got my start playing clubs in SoCal at places like “The Shack” “Hoagie barmichaels” and “Club 369”  in the 90’s. In those days the scene was so tight with the fellowship of all the bands and attendees! Everyone knew everyone. A musician real felt like a Rockstar. At the end of the 90’s The scene start to become shallow. Clubs started the “Pay to Play” which is known as Bands selling tickets at their shows. bands and Promoters had differences about the selling and advertising shows. With the new internet radio craze, music Websites, and other social media, bands get heard easier than ever. With Facebook, Reverbnation, Band camp. etc. It seems to me that the scene is building itself back to what it used to be.

i love my local scene.

Here is a few videos from my Local scene. @Malones and the House of Metal.


Video-Perfect Strangers (Tributed to Deep Purple live at Malones concert hall)


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