Royal Lego Family Gets New Lego Member At Legolands Windsor Resort

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http://Legoland Windsor Resort ― which happens to be located near the residence of the infant’s great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, days after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their new son into the world, the royal family’s Lego counterparts also welcomed there new brick to the park’s Miniland attraction. The brickture-perfect model shows father William and mother Catherine, along with their first two children, Princess Charlotte and Prince George, holding the newborn prince in front of a Lego recreation of http://Buckingham Palace. It goes without saying, no depiction of the royal family would be complete without Lego http://paparazzi snapping pictures, so they were included as well.

Figures of the http://duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their new child outside the http://Buckingham Palace model at Legoland http://Windsor Resort in Berkshire. The scene includes a tiny Lego prince at just 3 centimeters tall, along with a 55-Lego brick stroller and the announcement of his birth on an easel.

Model maker Kat James puts the finishing touches on the Lego figures.

Model maker Kat James puts the finishing touches on the Lego figures.

4-25 2018

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