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Diggin’ in Ron Johnson’s Nut Sack #1

By Ron DCMDJ Johnson


Greetings people of Earth!


As you know, I spend most of my waking moments on the internet as I use it for many many many ….probably too many things. Along the way on the internet highway I always come across some crazy shit flying around out here. I will feature for you the best and some that I think should have gone viral but didn’t. Mostly it will be a collection of people having the worst day of their life, weird shit in general and of course some dude getting racked in the balls. So without too much over explaining let’s go diggin’ in Ron Johnson’s Nut Sack.



Oh, why not? Let’s start with this collection of epic nut shots. I haven’t been hit in the nuts in a quite a while but every time I see it happen to someone else mine scrunch up. Enjoy these vids and try not to cringe.



Not everything in my Nut Sack is about pain or failures. Sometimes it is the dark side of people. In the case of the next video it’s celebrities that lose their fucking mind. I have seen some of these before and it always warms my heart to see trash getting thrown at Chad Kroeger.



This next video can only be filed under the WTF is wrong with you category. Sometimes I can just no longer be surprised by the actions of people. I wonder if the world has always been fucked up or did is it becoming more screwed up every day. Maybe now that everyone has a camera we can now see more crazy shit than ever before. I don’t know what “normal” really is but I’m sure the people in this next compilation are far from that.



Stay tuned as I will continue to bring you more crazy shit as I find it. I hope you enjoyed diggin’ around in my Nut Sack. Please share and leave your own comments.

Thanks to all of the people of Earth!





Like it or don’t….AC/DC will be making a new album with Axl Rose

By Ron DCMDJ Johnson

Greetings people of Earth!


Like it or don’t Angus Young has confirmed that he is working on new material as AC/DC with Axl Rose. In an interview a close friend to Angus is quoted as saying that Angus believes the fans want to hear the classic songs but will be bringing new material written with Axl Rose. The rest of the AC/DC lineup is up in the air with most original members either deceased or unable to perform, I will hope that this doesn’t turn in to a tribute band show with only Angus Young being the original member. Then again some of you might like to see that as well. Check out this article with more info on the new AC/DC material.


Stay tuned for more info as this strange future of AC/DC develops. I’m glad that I saw them way back when I was in high school. I don’t think I can see this incarnation of the band with Axl and new material. Instead, I’ll go see a really good AC/DC cover band. Here’s a couple of my favorite AC/DC songs.




Anyway, just because I’m not crazy about this maybe you are. Let me know what you think about the future of AC/DC in the comments.

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