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The Green Planet: Claim Your Strain!

By Ron DCMDJ Johnson


Greetings people of Earth!


Everyone has their favorite strain, either Indica or Sativa. Post your favorite in the comments. What are you puffin’ on right now? Since I’ve been back in California I have been smoking more concentrates…or dabs as it is called. I remember when I did my first review of “dabs” and we still weren’t sure what to call it. But annnywayyys, we over here at The Green Planet were more concerned with what kind of high do you enjoy. Is it either an Indica or a Sativa…or maybe a hybrid? There is always a strain of bud that fits you and what you are trying to achieve. Some need pain relief, others may need it for appetite or stress….or you’re just getting stoned. So to help the rest of the smoking community, share your stories here of what works for you so others can learn. Happy smoking and enjoy this early video of me taking dabs. This video was featured on the TV show The Doctors and they turned it around and made dabs seem dangerous. Check out my video on how to use an enail rig.



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The Green Planet: Dabs vs Buds

By: Ron DCMDJ Johnson

Greetings people of Earth!

Lately I’ve noticed a rise in the usage of Dabs or concentrated marijuana. Wherever I go someone has the newest dab rig or apparatus. Many people continue to smoke bowls or joints but I have noticed that people are starting to chose sides and prefer one over the other. I still smoke tasty bong hits of some heavy purple Indica but there are times that I just need to Dab my brains out and become a complete vegetable…..like five minutes before I started this article. Having an option to smoke concentrates, especially in public, is much easier to do because it doesn’t attract the attention of a smoldering bowl or doobie. Check out this video from my friends at RuffHouse Studios on vaping discreetly.



Even though I enjoy Dabs, I am still a fan of smoking herb itself. Whenever I smoke in public areas I take with me a bowl that I can snuff and put away quickly. For this I use an old school metal pipe that I’ve had for over 26 years. I know many of you are fans of glass bowl but this one is indestructible. Joints are a lot harder to hide in public so I save those for when I’m hiking or fishing….or just wherever some busybody isn’t going to poke their nose in to my business. Check out these more discreet herb smoking cover ups.



Whatever your preference is make sure to use the appropriate device for the situation and obey your local laws. I can only suggest ways for you to cut down on the smell and blend in while enjoying any kind of marijuana. Please add your favorite and any of the ways you use to cut down on the smell of the herb.

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