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Anger And Disbelief Expressed Over Over Third U.S. Mass Shooting In A Week

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A gunman shoots six people dead during Sunday services at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, before he is shot dead by a

At least 32 innocent people are dead. Two shooters were killed and one is in custody. A food festival in Gilroy, California. A busy Walmart in El Paso, Texas. A popular entertainment district in Dayton, Ohio. All three were sites of deadly mass shootings in the past week. The carnage never seems to end and it’s left many in America grappling with how to react, how to heal and how to change things for the better. Celebrities and other public figures echoed many of these sentiments on social media. @lizzo Just got off the phone w/ fam in Dayton… it was a close call for them but that’s not the case for 9 other families, between this & the terrorist attack in El Paso & recent other shootings I feel completely helpless.. make noise & bring awareness.. vote.. don’t normalize this. @jelani9 Fell asleep watching news reports about 20 people killed in . Slept for four hours. Awoke to find that the news was talking about 9 killed Ohio — exactly half a night’s sleep between 29 lost lives. @RepSeanMaloney. Only a week after a mass shooting in California, we’re seeing yet another in Texas. This is an epidemic in America & it needs to end. I stand with El Paso & all the folks in America who want their government to act to keep families safe. @ABC ABC NEWS SPECIAL REPORT: At least 18 people killed during mass shooting in El Paso, Texas. @blink182. Following today’s terrible tragedy in El Paso we are postponing our Sunday, August 4th show at the UTEP Don Haskins Arena in solidarity with the community. Please stay tuned for further updates coming soon. Sending our love to the entire community of El Paso. @jfreewright From online terrorist manifesto described by El Paso Police Chief as the “nexus to a potential hate crime”: “This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas…I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion.” @tim_cook I’m heartbroken about what’s happening in my country. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. It’s time for good people with different views to stop finger pointing and come together to address this violence for the good of our country.

Walmart employees react after an active shooter opened fire at the store in El Paso, Texas, Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019.

At least nine people were killed and 27 injured in a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, early Sunday morning, officials said ― the second horrific slaughter in America in less than 24 hours. At least 22 people were killed in a mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, on Saturday, and police are investigating whether the suspected gunman, who was arrested at the scene, posted a racist manifesto on social media. The two shootings occurred less than a week after a gunman opened fire at a garlic festival in Northern California, killing three people, including two children. CNN’s Brooke Baldwin became visibly emotional as she processed last weekend’s mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. “This has been a horrible week for America,” Baldwin said on Friday’s broadcast of “Newsroom.” “I never thought in my 20 years in journalism that I would get a call last Sunday morning from my boss asking me to go cover a mass shooting and I actually had to ask the question, ‘Which one?’” Baldwin recalled standing in Dayton for three days “on a street where blood was still splattered on the sidewalk” while co-anchoring with colleagues in El Paso. “That was a first for me,” she noted. “And I am worried that it might not be the last unless there is real change in Washington. Pope Francis, during his Sunday message and blessing at St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City in Italy, condemned the attacks on “defenseless people” in three U.S. states. He offered a “Hail Mary” prayer for the victims.

Shoes are piled outside the scene of a mass shooting including Ned Peppers bar, Sunday, Aug. 4, 2019, in Dayton, Ohio. Several people in Ohio have been killed in the second mass shooting in the U.S. in less than 24 hours, and the suspected shooter is also deceased, police said.

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food festival in Gilroy



Massive Lizard Terrorizes South Florida Family

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‘Terror in Davie’ “Dude, he’s big ― real big,” That might sound like the title of a B movie, but it’s a real-life nightmare for a family of four in South Florida who are being harassed by what looks like a prehistoric reptile. Zach Lieberman, 33, told HuffPost of the massive creature that’s been slinking around his house. “He’s every bit of 6-feet and every part of 100- to 150-pounds. He’s a monster.” I thought, ‘Wow, we got quite the lizard problem.’ “My wife was walking by our sliding glass door and let out a pretty loud scream,” he said. “I ran over and looked out the shades on the door and, lo and behold, Godzilla’s smaller cousin was right there. It was alarming to me and terrifying to my wife and kids.” At one point, Lieberman said, he decided to lure the monitor away from his door. That’s the moment, he said, that he realized just how big of a problem the lizard could be. “I was trying to lure it into my garage, so I could contain it, and it got a little aggressive,” he said. “He apparently got hip to my idea, turned on me and took off running.

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Davie isn’t Tokyo ― and the lizard in question isn’t related to Godzilla (that we know of), but to show they weren’t losing their minds, the Liebermans took several videos of the giant lizard. It’s since been identified as an Asian water monitor. I thought this was a slow creature. Man, it’s not! That really frightened me because we have two small kids, 2 and 4 years old. They can’t go in the backyard now because this thing could dart out in an instant.” The Liebermans contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, so far it has proved to be one slick lizard. “It’s not falling for the dead rats they’re using as bait.” The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has been trying for the past several days to capture the slinky monitor. “Originally, they were going to euthanize the animal, so that’s why I got involved,” said Mike Kimmel, owner of Martin County Trapping & Removals and Martin County Wildlife Rescue, who’s known as Trapper Mike, “I knew I could find a home for him, and I really wanted to preserve his life.” “There’s been some discrepancy as to whether it’s a Nile or Asian,” Kimmel explained. “I think the media wants it to be a Nile because then it’s a little scarier, but it’s an Asian water monitor.” On Tuesday, a neighbor claimed it was his lost pet, according to Lieberman and Kimmel. “I spoke with the supposed pet owner,” Kimmel said. “He told me its name is Bamboo and it escaped a few weeks ago. He said he kept it in his pool and that he has three others as well.

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Dive in to Ron Johnson’s Deadpool

By Ron DCMDJ Johnson


Greetings people of Earth!


No one lives forever and none of us knows for sure when we’re going to go. So to combine both of those I am compiling my own Deadpool. My picks for this list are based on several factors such as age, lifestyle and just a general hunch on my part. Some may be in great health yet I somehow feel it is almost time for them to meet their maker. Since C4OC Radio is about music these will all be either musicians, singers or somehow in the industry. Although I’m numbering this list, it is in no particular order of who I think might go first


  1. Willie Nelson- He’s had to recently cancel tour dates and will be 85 this year.
  2. Yoko Ono- She hasn’t been seen much of and just turned 85.
  3. Justin Bieber- Mainly because of his past poor choices and I wouldn’t hate to see him go.
  4. Doris Day- Yep, still alive at this moment but for her it could be any day now.
  5. Burt Bacharach- Hasn’t been in public in a long time and will be 90 this year.
  6. Nikki Sixx- 59 years old he’s on the list for past heavy partying. *It could by any member of Mötley Crüe.
  7. Harry Belafonte- I double checked, not dead, he just turned 91.
  8. Loretta Lynn- Turning 86 this year but I won’t be surprised if I’m wrong about her. She’s a tough one.
  9. Kanye West- Has blacked out on previous occasions. He’ll only be 41 this year but I have a feeling.
  10. Phil Spector- At 78 years old he’s over due and I hope he has a nice warm seat being saved for him.
  11. Brian johnson- Turning 71 this year and there maybe more to leaving AC/DC than hearing loss.
  12. Eric Clapton- He just turned 73 and has had to almost stop playing guitar.
  13. Ozzy Osbourne- C’mon man! It’s time for him to take his seat next to The Father of Lies.
  14. Miley Cyrus- She seems to have gone good girl…but has she?
  15. Ted Nugent- Only 69 but he’s always hunting or something…could fall out of a helicopter?
  16. Corey Taylor- 44 years old but past alcoholism could return. Just a hunch on this one.
  17. Henry Rollins- Checking in at 57 years old but I’m surprised he hasn’t blown a blood vessel in his head.
  18. Dave Mustaine- Another one that comes to mind that he might just blow a gasket one day. Just 56 yo
  19. Brett Michaels- 55 and still alive. He seems healthy again but…..
  20. Taylor Swift- She just turned 28 but her constant touring and travel make her a high risk.



I know that you will say that I’ve missed some obvious ones but I just couldn’t make a list of old musicians that are definitely going to die soon. Of course some of them are in there for that reason but I spiced it up with some that I just have a hunch that it’s their time. I made this list only for entertainment purposes and in no way intend for this to be mean spirited. Death is something must all face and maybe if we look at it with some humor you may not stress out about it every second and actually go out and enjoy life while you still can.

Please add your thoughts and picks in the comments.

Thank you to all the people of Earth!