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World’s Shortest Man Regains His Former Title

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World's shortest men – dead or alive!! - Taaza Khabar News

Colombia man was first declared the shortest mobile male in 2010, only to lose the title to two others. Guinness World Records announced on Tuesday that it has found Edward Niño Hernández to be the shortest living man who is mobile. It’s déjà vu for a Colombian man who has just been declared the world’s shortest man. But this isn’t the first world record rodeo for the 2-foot-4.3938-inch resident of Bogota, who turned 34 on Sunday. Hernández was previously awarded the shortest living man (mobile) title in April 2010, when he measured in at 2 feet, 3.64 inches tall. Later that year, Khagendra Thapa Magar of Nepal, who stood 2 feet, 2.41 inches tall became the new record holder. He later lost the title to a fellow Nepal citizen: 1-foot-9.5-inch Chandra Bahadur Dangi. Both of those men have since died so the title is now passed once again to Hernández. Hernández received his second “shortest man” certificate at a medical clinic in his home city before social distancing guidelines were implemented, according to a Guinness World Records release.

Edward Niño Hernández is the world's shortest man (mobile), according to Guinness World Records

When readers leaf through the pages of the Guinness World Record books, there are a few record titles that are remembered for their iconic, timeless and noteworthy nature. After turning 34 on 10 May, Edward can now begin his new year of age with a fantastic new record title; one that he achieved with a height of 72.10 cm (2 ft 4.3938 in) tall. Although his short stature made him a world record holder, he said his big smile was his real secret weapon. Meanwhile, 1-foot-11.6-inch Junrey Balawing of the Philippines remains the shortest non-mobile man. “I use my smile to conquer the world! I always share my big smile with everyone; that’s my charm. I can achieve everything I propose to myself,” Hernández said in the release. “Everything is possible. … Size and height don’t matter! I want people to meet who I truly am: small in size, big in heart!”

World's shortest man at 27 inches - China.org.cn

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An Unlicensed Gun Owner Shoots Himself In Penis Accidentally

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Men pulling gun from waist.

Mark Anthony Jones, 46, an unlicensed gun owner in Indiana is recovering in a hospital after accidentally shooting himself in the penis. Jones told police in Marion that he was taking a morning walk when the Hi-Point 9mm handgun he was carrying in his waistband “began to slip,” according to The Smoking Gun. According to a Marion Police Department news release on Facebook: Jones told police that when he “reached down to adjust” the unholstered gun, it discharged, shooting a bullet that “entered just above his penis and exited his scrotum.” Here is the Marion Police Department’s news release posted on Facebook:

Investigators have forwarded the case to the Grant County prosecuting attorney, the release notes that Jones doesn’t have a license to carry a handgun in Indiana. Investigators will determine if Jones will face any criminal charges for the self-inflicted wound.

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Social Media Freak-Out Is Caused By ‘Mystery Lights’ Over San Diego

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Sign, Road, Road Sign, Traffic

Almost as soon as the incident began, people started posting images and videos on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, the set of lights hovering over San Diego on Wednesday night left many wondering just what they could be. At first, the footage showed a single set of lights, hovering in place: “They were hovering in place and they were extremely bright,” Uma Aggarwa told the San Diego Union-Tribune, “It was the craziest thing.” She spotted the lights at 8:20 p.m., which would be a little more than an hour after sunset. The lights were soon joined by a second, smaller set just above. Then, the lights vanished. Reports of sightings came from as far as Del Mar, to the city’s north, San Ysidro, which is to the south along the Mexican border, and La Mesa, about 10 miles to the east, local TV station KUSI reported.

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 A nighttime mystery in the skies? It was for a little while as tweeters floated theories ranging from drones to UFOs to exercises conducted by the military. One of those theories turned out to be correct… and it wasn’t the UFOs: A Navy spokesperson says those lights seen in the sky tonight are flares. An aircraft squadron is performing “flare training” about 30 miles off the coast of San Diego. The lights might be seen intermittently through Thursday night, when the drills are expected to end. CBS 8 reported that the flares were specifically from Squadron VMGR-325 (a.k.a. “The Raiders”) or the Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 352, part of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing based at nearby Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. But not everyone was buying it, @tomdelonge What do you make of this? It was in our (San Diego) night sky tonight. The official word is that it was a military flare exercise. I don’t agree. https://www.10news.com/news/san-diego

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TONIGHT!! The House Of Metal Radio Show

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Love of a local Music Scene!

I have played in a local band in Orange County Ca. for 28 years now, I got my start playing clubs in SoCal at places like “The Shack” “Hoagie barmichaels” and “Club 369”  in the 90’s. In those days the scene was so tight with the fellowship of all the bands and attendees! Everyone knew everyone. A musician real felt like a Rockstar. At the end of the 90’s The scene start to become shallow. Clubs started the “Pay to Play” which is known as Bands selling tickets at their shows. bands and Promoters had differences about the selling and advertising shows. With the new internet radio craze, music Websites, and other social media, bands get heard easier than ever. With Facebook, Reverbnation, Band camp. etc. It seems to me that the scene is building itself back to what it used to be.

i love my local scene.

Here is a few videos from my Local scene. @Malones and the House of Metal.


Video-Perfect Strangers (Tributed to Deep Purple live at Malones concert hall)