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The Ron Johnson List: The Top Three songs for the Apocalypse!

By: Ron DCMDJ Johnson


Greetings people of Earth!


I don’t know what your religious beliefs are and for this article it doesn’t really matter but everyone has a view on what will happen when the world ends. Call it the Apocalypse or Armageddon or the return of Cthulhu or what have you but the ones thing I know is I have my last three tunes that I would listen to as it all came falling apart. Some of you might think of what loved one to say goodbye to as you meet your maker but I have thought out what songs to play at high volume and annoy the neighbors one last time. Here, in no particular order are my songs for the Apocalypse.



If Slayer weren’t enough to beg the dark lord to reap your soul as the world decays but here’s another one of my choice picks to summon the bringer of your doom. Marilyn Manson can surely evoke demons and the like and this is my next selection to listen to for the apocalypse.



Maybe your fate isn’t to descend in to the bowls of Hell but you may be spared and sent to the “nice” place? Since you are here reading my article then I highly doubt it. Since I’m a half full kind of guy, I’ll give you the benefit. If this last song doesn’t save you then I’ll be keeping a seat warm for you down below.



JK, that one is getting you a front row seat to see The Father of Lies himself and a pitchfork in your…. Maybe these aren’t your pick for the last tracks you’ll hear before your eardrums explode from the harpies, demons and whatnot so let me know what you would listen to in the comments.

People of Earth!

Thank you for listening!