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This Couple’s First Kiss Comes When Her Guy Needs CPR

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It happened last October, when a California couple had a memorable first kiss, one that saved the man’s life. 56-year-old Max Montgomery took Dr. Andi Traynor paddleboarding at a Santa Cruz beach. Things were going well until Montgomery suddenly felt a burning sensation in his chest and became exhausted, according to San Francisco station KGO TV. When Montgomery got out of the water, he fell to the ground, luckily, Traynor, a 45-year-old anesthesiologist based in Palo Alto, knew CPR, which she performed until paramedics arrived. “I wasn’t thinking about anything other than taking care of him,” she told KTLA TV. Montgomery’s heart was stopped for 17 minutes until doctors used a defibrillator on him.


Alexander Baker, who recorded the rescue, told KTLA TV that Montgomery is grateful it was caught on camera. The seriousness of the situation meant that their first kiss lacked romance but still meant a lot. Montgomery underwent coronary bypass surgery the next day, and he told Traynor he would understand if she didn’t want to keep seeing him, she told me she was not going anywhere,” he said, according to The Daily Mail. “A few weeks after his surgery he was recuperating and we were on the beach just talking,” she said, according to The Daily Mail. “I said, ‘You can kiss me for real now.’” The two are still going strong and have even started a nonprofit called Paddle4Good, which helps create adventure activities for people with physical or developmental needs, according to Yahoo. Best of all Baker said, “we got a do-over on that first kiss,” “we call it the kiss of life.”

Image result for free blog pics of cpr

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Why today was great day in music history 4/16

By: Ron DCMDJ Johnson


Greetings people of Earth!


Here are some of the reasons that today was a great

day in music history.


Here are some historic highlights in music history. Go make your own music history or share your some of your favorites. I’ve picked just three to highlight but you can read about more in my favorite music history link.


On this day in 1970 The Led Zeppelin single ‘Whole Lotta Love’ became Gold certified in the US. The song had peaked at No. 4 on the US singles chart. In the UK Atlantic Records was to release it as a single but band manager Peter Grant had said no in sticking to his no singles to be released marketing style.



On this day in 1993 David Lee Roth was arrested in New York’s Washington Square Park reportedly for buying a dime bag of weed.



On this day in1996 KISS appeared in make-up for the first time in more than fifteen years at the 38th Grammy Awards, where they announced a reunion tour with all original members.




Enjoy this day in music history and please leave your favorite moments in the comments.

Thanks to all of the people of Earth!