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Dead Humpback Whale Mysteriously Appears In Amazon Jungle

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The whale, believed to be a calf, was found on Friday on the Brazilian island of Marajo. It was about 50 feet from the ocean, according to Newsweek. Researchers are having a whale of a time trying to figure out how the humpback whale wound up in the Amazon rain forest. Darlene Silva, a spokeswoman for Brazil’s Department of Health, Sanitation and Environment, told reporters the animal was found in a mangrove swamp only after researchers noticed vultures circling in the sky, according to the Express. A team from the Municipal Secretariat of Health, Sanitation and Environment found the carcass had no visible injuries and theorized that the whale died at sea. Biologists from the Bicho D’água Institute said the animal was about 26 feet long, though local officials said it was closer to 36 feet long, according to Storyful.

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HuffPost reached out to the Bicho D’água Institute, which did not immediately respond but said in a Facebook post that the animal was “not as big as it looks in the images.” Renata Emin, the institute’s project leader, told reporters that researchers don’t know how the animal washed up so far from the beach, but they guessed that the creature was floating close to the shore and was carried inland by a storm, according to the Independent Researchers are collecting carcass samples, but Silva said there will be no attempts to remove it from its final resting spot.
“It’s very difficult to get there and there’s no way we can send a bulldozer because it would not get through,” she said, according to the Independent. “There is no way to remove it. To get there, we need to cross the swamp.”

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Trump A Flat-Out ‘Racist’: Says Sherrod Brown ‘He Built His Political Career’ On It

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“I think this country hasn’t dealt well with the issues of race,” the lawmaker told NBC’s Chuck Todd. “We have a president who’s a racist.” When it came to addressing President Donald Trump’s history of racism, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) didn’t mince words in a “Meet the Press” interview Sunday. Noting Brown’s frank description of Trump, Todd paused for a moment, asking him to explain. “I know that he built his political career knowing what he was doing on questioning the legitimacy and the birth place of the president of the United States,” Brown said, referring to the birther conspiracy theory Trump promoted staring in 2011, using it in an effort to undermine Barack Obama’s credibility. Brown also pointed to housing discrimination in the Trump real estate empire, adding that violence at the 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, told the country even more about the president’s beliefs on race, appearing to be alluding to Trump’s weak response to the chaos when he had initially skirted around denouncing neo-Nazis.

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Most recently, Brown, who is considering a run for president, has called for the resignation of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam following the Democrat’s admission that he had once worn blackface in a dance contest in which he impersonated Michael Jackson. Controversy has brewed steadily over the governor since last week, when a photo of a man in blackface next to another individual dressed in a Ku Klux Klan uniform surfaced from Northam’s 1984 medical school yearbook. While Northam has indicated he has no plans to step down, Brown called on him to resign and consider participating in discussions on race “as a private citizen.” “Charlottesville was only a symptom and a more public viewing and outing, if you will, of president Trump’s views about race, and racism” Brown said.

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A Blindfolded Utah Teen Crashes Car While Doing The ‘Bird Box’ Challenge

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According to the Layton Utah Police Department a blindfolded teenage driver crashed into another car for obvious reasons on Monday. The police tweeted on Friday, along with a photo of two mangled cars on Layton Parkway surrounded by snow-covered sidewalks. “Bird Box Challenge while driving… this will be the predictable result,” Police wrote, “Luckily there were no injuries,” One truck appears to have its passenger-side bumper bent inward, while the entire driver’s side of a Honda HR-V is smashed. The side airbags of the HR-V appear to be deployed.
“Can’t believe we have to say this, Netflix warned its viewers against the “Bird Box” challenge, earlier this month. PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELVES WITH THIS BIRD BOX CHALLENGE,” the company tweeted on Jan. 2nd. At the time of the crash, Layton Police spokesman Lt. Travis Lyman told CBS News that a 17-year-old girl was driving with a 16-year-old passenger.

Sandra Bullock and Trevante Rhodes in Bird Box (2018)

The “Bird Box” challenge, which has gone viral on social media, is inspired by the Netflix movie “Bird Box,” starring Sandra Bullock. In the movie, characters have to move about the outside world wearing blindfolds to avoid looking at an unseen monster that forces people to kill themselves. In the viral challenge, participants attempt to do ordinary things while blindfolded, which, again, is dangerous for obvious reasons “We shouldn’t have to say this, but we’re gonna: Don’t drive blindfolded.” a Colorado State Patrol officer said in a video message. Law enforcement in Colorado predicted last week that someone might attempt the “Bird Box” challenge while driving and also warned people against it. The challenge “really hasn’t been that dangerous, but inevitably somebody’s going to do the monumentally stupid thing that is driving while blindfolded.”

Sandra Bullock and Trevante Rhodes in Bird Box (2018)

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My How We Have Grown.




2 years ago when we started this radio station, I began to troll the local clubs for some music to play on our station. One of the first places I went was Fitzgerald’s in Huntington Beach. I saw online that they were having an Acoustic Brew night so I thought I’d go check it out. Boy , did I hit the jackpot that night! Not only in meeting the wonderful promoter Jackie Davis of Other World Productions but also  to have met  some of the greatest musicians in Orange County.  It was a real treat to meet Wayne Todd , Mike Jacoby,  Silky Johnson  and  Randy Hano and Fletcher Harrington that night! We have been playing their music on since then. Mike Jacoby  and Wayne Todd  have become regular guests here and I so appreciate their friendship and  talent. So once again,  I encourage you to just get out there, go to these local venues and support these local musicians.  You never know the gems you’ll find in the friendships that you’ll make.

And ,of course, you can listen to them and many more live at


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Wayne Todd


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Mike Jacoby


Filmed by c4oc radio 


First time I saw Mike Jacoby, i was blown away by his songwriting!!!

Written by Big Momma of,llc


Orange County Music Venues

I’ve been  mentioned before how many great venues there are in Orange County for live music.  Today I’m  going to put them in one,  easy to find place.

Malone’s in Santa Ana.  Has to be one of my favorites and definitely my home Club, especially on House of Metal nights.  Mike& Ed always have the best bands!

Centerfield in Huntington Beach . Another one of my new favorites. With Jackie Davis as a regular promoter,  you can be guaranteed to see a great band.  We have used this venue for many benefits and special events and  the staff  is friendly and supportive.

The world famous Doll Hut Anaheim..
This club has been a hotspot in the music scene for many years,  especially for punk rock. The owner Mac is an awesome  dude,  so supportive toward the scene  that he has begun to expand into other genres of music. It may be a tiny club but it’s got big heart.
The Slide Bar , Fullerton.
You really can’t go wrong going to the slide bar for  live shows.   They always book  great bands. Any given weekend you can see a great live show on either the outdoor  stage or in their famous back room.  Most often these shows are free. Either way the sound is great, the ambiance is great  and their wings Kick-Ass!
These are just a few venues that I frequent regularly. I hope this  will help you in your search to find great places to see bands in the Orange County area. Remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg ,Orange County has so many great venues …  Look around for yourself! If you see Big Momma at one of these shows come up and say hello!


Malones, Santa Ana

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Centerfield, Huntington Beach

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Dollhut, Anaheim



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