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5/19/18-The Boiler Room-Temecula CA

5/24/18-The Hideout-N Richland Hills TX

​5/25/18-Dirty Dog Bar-Austin Texas 

​5/26/18- w/MICHAEL ANGELO BATTIO- Concert Pub North-Houston TX 

5/27/18-Memorial Metal Fest- RockBox-San Antonio TX

6/23/18- Big Redds Rock Fest-The Royal-Salt Lake City UT

​6/28/18-American Dream- Omaha NE

6/29/18-Shots-Rolla Missouri

6/30/18- w/12 STONES-Martins-Jackson Mississippi

7/27/18-Hi Brow-Upland CA

​7/28/18-Malones-Santa Ana CA


The Next “LA Invasion” is Poised To Make A Return Any Moment Now!

Back in the early 1980’s, the radio stations across the United States, slow but surely, were being taken over by a bunch of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands from Southern California(primarily L.A & Hollywood). Bands like Motley Crue, Ratt, Dokken, W.A.S.P., and Armored Saint, just to name a few. This was what would be called the “LA Invasion”.

Between each bands own unique sounds, and their own unique look(image); along with this new channel on cable tv, MTV(Music Television); it was a match made in heaven for fans that wanted something new and exciting. And what a concept it was, having some form of “vision” to go along with all this great music coming out of SoCal.


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Throughout most of that decade, a great amount of the bands good looks, swagger, high rotation on the radio, videos, etc.; the LA Invasion last most of the 80’s. More bands came out, but seemed to be watered down versions of the bands that started the movement.

But, just like all things come to an end; they also go in cycles and get rehashed.

For the past 10 years now, I have been around the music scene in SoCal. Whether it be a booker/promoter, internet DJ, or hosting a webshow covering the scene; there’s currently more talented bands and musicians here now, than there has ever been before. And it is just awesome what’s going on out here lately……it’s the beginning of the next LA Invasion!


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With bands like Stonebreed, Motor Gun Hotel, Brain Dead, Void Vator, C4OC, Big Rig Dollhouse, Revmatix, Ninth Circle, Valor & Vengeance,  just to name a few; the Invasion is posed to erupt and take over the world once again. That is my prediction.

It’s been no big secret that LA/Hollywood has been a magnet for bands, musicians, and all types of talented people since entertainment started. And still is til this very day. Talented people individuals are still moving out here, and there’s been a ton spawn of these creative people that are even more talented than their parents!


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I’m very privileged to be hearing and seeing a lot of this take place, and even more fortunate to be playing a lot of these unsigned bands that are just chomping at the bit to Rock and seduce your Metal loving ears.

My name is Mike Cummings, and I’m a Booker/Promoter with The House of Metal, a DJ on and co-created “Bang Your Head with Mike & Ed!” I am on live every Tuesday night on’s show “House of Metal Radio Show”. The show airs between 8pm – 10pm(PST) . I play THEE very best Hard Rock and Heavy Metal coming out of Southern California. It’s my mission to usher in the next LA Invasion. Be prepared. It’s coming!



C4 OC Radio Featured Artist: STONEBREED

By: Ron DCMDJ Johnson

Greetings people of Earth!


               As you know we here at C4 OC radio get thousands of bands material sent to us and we try to play as many as we can. Even fewer get to be a featured artist. This is the first in a series of bands that will be a featured artist. Which band is next will be determined by listener comments, the top ten list and of course my own personal preference. I picked STONEBREED because they stood out for me and no other reason. I play three songs from their new album Heart of Stone. Please enjoy this video and like, comment, share and subscribe to the Youtube channel.


             Next time I may listen to you so post your comments and let me know who you think should be featured. All bands must be original music. If you have music that you would like to have played on send your music in mp3 format to


With the support of our listeners, all things are possible.

Thank you!