Cops Fired After Blaming Missing Half-Ton Of Pot On Stoner Mice.

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A judge tried to weed out the truth, What a ratty thing to do ― blaming mice for 1,000 pounds of missing marijuana That’s the dubious excuse eight police officers in Pilar, Argentina, gave after a half-ton of pot disappeared from a police warehouse. About 13,000 pounds of bud were supposed to be in storage, but a recent police inspection revealed 1,000 pounds were missing, according to The Guardianaver Specia, The city’s former police commissioner, was ordered to explain the shortfall to a judge. According to the Guardian, the former police commissioner, Javer Specia ,was ordered to explain the shortfall, the skeptical judge was told the missing marijuana must have been eaten by mice.

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Experts, however, sent that theory up in smoke, saying rodents wouldn’t confuse marijuana with food. the mice likely would have died from the dope, investigators would have found the cannabis-laden corpses, according to USA Today. Buenos Aires University experts have explained that mice wouldn’t mistake the drug for food, All eight officers were dismissed from their jobs, and will testify in front of the judge on May 4, 2018, according to the BBC, The judge will then decide if the drugs are missing due to “expedience or negligence,” 

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