The Green Planet: Domino’s to deliver to almost anywhere

By: Ron DCMDJ Johnson

Greetings people of Earth!


A stoner’s dream come true….

After 50 years Domino’s to deliver to anywhere….



Domino’s will now deliver to over 150,00 outdoor locations that include national monuments and local landmarks which were included by local retail chains. It’s a stoner’s wet dream that you can now get pizza subs and other Donino’s menu items.



Delivery has always been key to Domino’s success and now with competition from Uber Eats and other delivery services are now firing it up and offering delivery to various locations. The project had already been tested in Miami to locations such as the zoo. Domino’s is now ready to launch the program nationwide.



Stoners everywhere keep an eye out for this new addition to munchie delivery. Please add your own favorite way to get your muchie on and please share.

Our viewers, listeners and readers make everything possible.

Thanks to all of the people of Earth!


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