The Literal Definition Of a Financial Hit Is a Marijuana Joint Worth $24,000

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If you have money to burn you could spend it on a joint worth $24,000. A 3-foot-long joint that was auctioned off Thursday night for charity by Stone Road Farms, a Los Angeles-based cannabis company  with the estimated worth of $24.000 is the literal definition of a financial hit. According to Stone Road founder Lex Corwin, who also commissioned the cigarette said the mega-sized marijuana joint contained more than a pound of weed, as well as 6 ounces of concentrate and 2 ounces of bubble hash. Did we forget to mention that it’s wrapped in rolling papers made of 24-karat gold leaf worth $5,000 alone? “Smoking this would definitely be a multiday endeavor,” Corwin told HuffPost. “After three or four hits, you’d be couch-locked.” As for actually inhaling, Corwin suggests a little pothead prudence.

Although he said the tusk-shaped joint is worth 24 grand, the joint only earned $4,000 for charity Thursday night. The event was held at Fig Earth Supply, an organic nursery in Los Angeles. The giant joint is shaped like an elephant tusk, a nod to the charity it was auctioned off for: the African Wildlife Foundation.“They’re training German shepherds to chase after poachers, and that’s definitely something we want to be a part of,” Corwin said. “Everything was donated, and the person who bought it is my biggest investor, so it’s staying in the family,” Corwin said. Still, he doesn’t think he took a financial hit off the joint. He said he will announce plans for smoking the super-sized spliff in six weeks and promises, “We’ll definitely do it on video.”

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