This New Movement Could Spark Your Sex Life … The Rise Of The CannaSexual

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The first time Ashley Manta got stoned specifically to have sex, it changed everything. Combining weed and sex has changed some people’s lives, and new medical research suggests this revolution isn’t just in their heads. Ashley Manta  in an interview, told D Is For Desire, HuffPost’s love and sex podcast. “I was like, ‘There is something to this.’“I came so hard, like repeatedly, and afterward I just hugged [my boyfriend] and cuddled up in his arms and just felt full-on blissed-out all over my body.” But it wasn’t just Ashley’s sex life that changed. Exploring the mindful and deliberate use of cannabis during sex led her to coin the term “CannaSexual” and launched her new career leading workshops teaching others about the joys and wonders of embarking on sexy, weed-fueled choose-your-own adventures in the bedroom (or anywhere else). Check out the Media and Press page for links to articles about her, podcast interviews, and interviews she has done for a variety of media outlets!


For this episode of D Is For Desire, I chatted with Ashley about why combining cannabis and sex can be so revolutionary, what folks can expect if they sign up for one of her workshops and a few do’s and don’ts for experiencing the ultimate sex high. I also spoke with Dr. Becky Lynn, an OBGYN, who is doing groundbreaking research into the ways cannabis may affect women’s bodies and sexuality and why living the CannaSexual life seems to be so rewarding for some people: Cannabis can be used to enhance sensation, ease discomfort, and promote intimacy during solo or partnered play. It can also help enrich conversations and diffuse tension during difficult discussions. You can easily use topical cannabinoid-infused creams, sprays, balms, or any CBD-only product without feeling high. If you’ve ever wanted to explore using cannabis in a more intentional way to elevate your life and experiences, you’ll find that Ashley’s approach is for you. CannaSexual® is a word Ashley created to describe mindfully and deliberately combining sex and cannabis to deepen intimacy and enhance pleasure. It has grown to become a lifestyle brand, used to represent pleasure-focused events and educational workshops, and is now federally trademarked! For those who can’t make it to in-person classes or events, she’s rolling out online content!

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