Why You Must Listen To Live Internet Local Band radio!

Image may contain: Denniray Stelly, standing and indoor  The Denster here from C4OCradio.com

I just want to tell you “Why you must listen to Local band radio sites”, such as www.c4ocradio.com/listen-live
So-Cal’s Only 100% local bands and artists. Broadcast 24/7 to over 50 country and all across the USA. And you are already on the site! So Might as well click The “Listen-Live” icon on the top of the site menu. on our site this is the best way to support all the local bands in the ever growing Unsigned and Underground music scene. For instance if you are listening now or any given time, you will hear bands like these;

       Attack of the rising, August Red-Moon, Betrayed by Faith, The Road Kill, IRONAUT, Kantation, the Timm Saxton Band, C4 OC, Anxious Annie and that was only the top of the hour!

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It really is a better way to to listen to a new kind of radio. the Main Stream stations on the FM dial are not even connecting you with the real “latest and greatest” artists if you think about it. the local band only radio sites bring you band submissions everyday, Thousands of them! Literally, you will be introduced to a new artiest every hour of the day or night. With links for you to click to learn more about the new local artist. if you truly want to hear new music you have never heard before.

Hundreds of thousands of people are listening all around the world. On their cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Pair it to your car and listen just like the FM stations.

Please take a listen. and support the local scene by listening to www.c4ocradio.com/listen-live




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