Woman Takes Home Kittens Only To Find Out They Were Bobcats

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A Texas woman, Jane Dinscore, her sister and her niece were bitten on the hands while trying to feed the felines.  Dinscore says that she took two kittens into her home after finding them in an alleyway she told officials only to discover that they were not housecats but wild bobcats. When Dinscore started doing a bit more research and educating herself, she started thinking: ‘You know what she thought, these don’t look like your standard house cat.‘” San Antonio Animal Care Services spokeswoman Lisa Norwood told local TV station KSAT 5. She told KSAT 5“Maybe we should call somebody.’ Thankfully, she did.” New information has come out indicating the young cats were actually found by her brother, James Dinscore in Atascosa County, before they were apparently brought into the local home by the bite victim. However, she maintains that she believed the kittens were domestic cats.

Image result for free blog pics of bobcat kittens

“My brother called and said he had some Bengal kittens at his house in McCoy,” Jane Dinscore told San Antonio TV station KSAT 5 on Wednesday. She said she took the kittens home and called ACS after they behaved aggressively, biting and scratching her and her relatives. She lied at first about the origin of the kittens because she didn’t want to possibly get her brother in any trouble. ACS and Texas State Parks and Wildlife are working together to determine if the situation merits any criminal charges for disturbing wildlife, according to USA Today. The animals are now in quarantine under the care of Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation in San Antonio. The group wrote in a Wednesday Facebook post

Image result for free blog pics of bobcat kittens

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