I have seen lots of bands in my travels around the Orange County scene. I always love when on my playlist , a certain local band comes on. I always know who it is by the first note. With their heavy melodic bass lines, thumping driving drum style and face melting, shredding guitar riffs. and then I hear that amazing vocals, Augie!! Gets me everytime. The band I speak of is the one and only “AUGMENTED CHAOS”.  This band is the true Metal sound and lets you know it! With an original set of songs and material, Augmented Chaos brings the live performance everytime. Back in 2017, i saw them at the Whisky A Go Go, they were phenomenal, every song was flawless!  Very professional.  Another time I saw them here a at the C4OCradio  compound studios, they blew the roof off the place. With Augie Madrigal on Vocals and bass, Dave Manker on drums, and J Patrick McCosar on guitar, they are “Augmented Chaos”. They are a must listen and, a must see live performance. Check them out.

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