Bear Saunters Into A Police Facility On 2 Legs Like He Works There

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We had an unexpected visitor last night at the facility,” California Highway Patrol’s Donner Pass division wrote on Facebook on Nov. 18. Police in California got a surprise when a bear stood up on two legs, opened the door to a facility and then wandered in as if it worked there. The footage shows the bear step into the commercial vehicle enforcement facility in Truckee, near Lake Tahoe, then drop down to all fours. It wanders past some vending machines and out of camera range. A few moments later, the bear casually strolls back out. Two police officers follow.  “Our bear friend made a return visit,” the department wrote. On Saturday, the bear was back, caught on camera in the facility’s parking lot. Bears will seek to avoid confrontation with humans. If encountered, always leave them an escape route.

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 Bears in the area are searching for food for up to 20 hours per day as they prepare for hibernation, the United States Forest Service noted on its website. Bears often hibernate in large hollow trees 40 to 50 feet off the ground. Because bears (and other animals) are attracted to anything edible or scented, improper storage of human food and other scented items and improper disposal of refuse is a leading cause of human-bear conflict. Store food in bear-proof canisters or bear-proof lockers if provided. Bears are omnivores. A typical wild bear diet consists of berries, plants, nuts, roots, honey, honeycomb, insects, larvae, carrion and small mammals. As winter approaches, bears will forage for food storing enough fat to sustain them through hibernation. Bears that are accustomed to people can become too bold and lose their fear of humans. To avoid this behavior, do not let bears become habituated to human sources of food. U.S. Forest Service
Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit
Forest Supervisor’s Office

35 College Drive
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

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