Big Momma CD Review, Ravenscroft “Rebel”

I am reviewing the CD by Ravenscroft ,”Rebel”. This review is in follow-up to an interview with Laurie Whitaker , the president and founder Ravenscroft Rebels fan club. Social media makes it possible for a woman who lives all the way in Tennessee to be the biggest supporter of one of our favorite local bands. I was blessed recently , to not only meet Laurie, but to see Ravenscroft live at the Slide bar in Fullerton.  Although the bass player Devin Baker and I have known each other since high school,  I was out of the music scene for several years and lost touch. Now that I’m back and have been turned on to Ravenscroft again, I feel like I missed out on so much! I definitely have to go back and listen to all their previous albums now because this one absolutely kicks ass. This 5 song EP is as powerful  as metal gets.  Ralph Buso’s voice…strong, steady and just plain perfect for metal,  leads an amazing band! Devin Baker thumping  on that bass, Pat McGrath pounding the drums, makes for a very tight rhythm section… all the perfect  backdrop for Brett Gorke to wail out some very nice lead guitar!!  Hardcore yet melodic this album  definitely  gets its point across.  It’s point? To bring some kickass music.. and that they do!! They are awesome live,  energetic and engaging! Of course , it will be different for everyone. The beauty of music is that  everyone interprets it differently and it touches each individual’s soul a different way. The one song on this album that touches my soul is “Jaded”. For me,  the “she”  in this song is life. I highly suggest you go to the Ravenscroft website and check it out for yourself.  What is your favorite Ravenscroft song?

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