Big Mommas Thoughts…Technology , Help or Hinderance ?

This morning I was sitting here thinking about the  Pros and Cons of  technology. Specifically computers and telephones, which if you think about it, are now just handheld computers. While the technology and  the information finding ability that it gives us is fantastic, obviously it helps me do my job. But Myself,  like many others, have noticed that it also takes us  away from each other.  For example  often times my entire household will be sitting in the same room, we are hanging out but all on our telephones, when someone  suddenly says something,  we all jump and say “what?”..  Turns out one of us was just ‘talk to texting’  LOL
While I laugh at that,  it’s also somewhat sad… Where is the true interaction?
When I go out to a restaurant I look around and everyone is on their phones.. not one couple or family  has an actual conversation anymore.
What would we talk about? Something funny we saw on Facebook today? So do you think technology will be our demise? Or for you and your business, as in mine,  does it help more than it hinders?

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