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Most of us love to go on vacations, some vacationers stay home to relax, do bbqs in the backyard and enjoy family and friends. These days can be filled with exotic foods and drinks, we try new recipes and experiment with ideas of our own, but there are those of us who would rather go abroad and experience and explore local cultures though food. You want to always taste the most famous dishes of the region, the bizarre and unusual foods like pickled duck eggs with the chick partially developed, frog legs just to mention a few.



Here are a few of the strangest eating experiences around the dining table. 1.Silent dining located in Greenpoint Brooklyn, New York, founded by Nickolas Nauman who was inspired by his visit to a Buddhist monastery in India where it is forbidden to talk while dining. 2.Nest-aurant dining in Thailand, located in Soneva Kiri Eco Resort, The Birds Nest Restaurant gives customers a spectacular view as well as privacy sixteen (16) feet above the ground in giant nests served by waiters who use zip lines to deliver the food and drink. 3. Primate servers in Japan at Kayabukiya Tavern in the city of Utsunomiya, a uniformed monkey may just be your waiter of the day. The restaurant owner, Mr. Otsuka says he never initially taught the monkeys to serve, they leaned by watching the human servers, now the monkeys are certified by authorities as tavern workers and are paid and tipped with Soya Beans.




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