C4 OC Radio Featured Artist: STONEBREED

By: Ron DCMDJ Johnson

Greetings people of Earth!


               As you know we here at C4 OC radio get thousands of bands material sent to us and we try to play as many as we can. Even fewer get to be a featured artist. This is the first in a series of bands that will be a featured artist. Which band is next will be determined by listener comments, the top ten list and of course my own personal preference. I picked STONEBREED because they stood out for me and no other reason. I play three songs from their new album Heart of Stone. Please enjoy this video and like, comment, share and subscribe to the Youtube channel.


             Next time I may listen to you so post your comments and let me know who you think should be featured. All bands must be original music. If you have music that you would like to have played on c4ocradio.com send your music in mp3 format to c4ocradio@gmail.com


With the support of our listeners, all things are possible.

Thank you!






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