C4OCRADIO wishes a happy birthday to Steven Tyler

By: Ron DCMDJ JOhnson


Greetings people of Earth!


C4OC Radio would like to wish a happy 70th birthday to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. He has definitely made his mark on the face of rock throughout his career. From the struggled beginnings to the top….back to the bottom and on every major soundtrack of the 90’s. Steven Tyler continues to make new music and reinvent himself. In 2015 he took a departure in to country music. I’m not a big fan of country but check it out and decide for yourself.



I prefer the early days of Aerosmith myself but whatever your favorite Steven Tyler or Aerosmith song, please post it in the comments. I will leave you with my favorite Aerosmith song. Until next time…Thank you people of Earth and please share.


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