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On my show this afternoon (3-22-2018) on, or .net, at 2:00pm I read a story about a woman who destroyed her competition in a Cotton Candy eating contest, I love how she goes from classy to competitor and back to classy one onlooker exclaimed, or from classy to OFGLARBKVNES as one Chinese writer put it., she really knows how to candy crush the competition.  In a game show called, I’m the Winner, 25 year old An Qi destroys her competitors easily, the game show is broadcast on Chinese tv and was posted to the Chinese social media network Weibo Stories, where it has gone viral. The woman finished several minutes before her closest competitor, no matter what, you can’t beat me , it’s not going to happen An Qi wrote in her post/blog.


People absolutely adored her it and her, one judge was heard saying in an interview with a tv anchor in Zhejiang,China. BuzzFeed reported that An Qi  had heard her male opponent was talking as they say, smack, he was over confident and took me for granted which made me more motivated to put forth my best effort to get the win she told the news outlet. And to think most people like to believe the opposite sex, women are supposed to be meek while they eat in public, thanks for being anti-lady like, while managing to stay classy and petite Miss An Qi.

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