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Musicians have been oscillating between keeping busy and feeling a bit isolated since coronavirus stay-at-home orders came down in the month of March, 2020. It’s a real dichotomy between staying at home and being creative for most artists and musicians , finding that part of yourself, trying to improve, while staying relevant with fans. Whatever the chosen system is to get through this pandemic most performers are finding creative ways to stay on top of there game and in front of the paying audience. We have come to accept as a way of life, be it permanent or temporary, that music is and will be the last part of the recovery from a pandemic that is now being questioned as weather we should have, and still continue to shut down a once thriving economy. In the early days of March, when COVID-19 was just beginning to spread in the U.S. I watched the music scene transform in front of my eyes. From Instagram to TikTok, our new pop culture demands that stars be both accessible and vulnerable online amid the pandemic. In the weeks since social distancing began in earnest, there have been numerous articles written about how celebrities and musicians are basically losing it. The live music culture is in a weird place. All these livestreams  and all these posts are giving us a concentrated, heightened look at the new normal for the music culture.

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We are firmly and deeply submerged in the age of livestreem performances as social media “influence.” on how we view and support live concerts and local acts. As more people are finding fame, notoriety and lucrative careers through “content” creation on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, the idea of what fame is — and who gets to be famous — has drastically shifted. Now, people are as inclined to be obsessed over there favorite local acts as they are over national acts. The contrast of our current music landscape with that of even 20 years ago is profound. It used to be that part of the luster for stars to resided in their carefully manufactured distance, now it’s practiced as the normal by the industry as a whole. t’s about staying relevant, by any means necessary. The internet has proven to be a powerful tool in harnessing the ability to keep people engaged. But we’ve entered a new reality, in which a harsh light shines on all this placating distraction and has further revealed the serious cracks in the foundation of American life.” Most of us are plugged in to the social media matrix and trying to figure it out. Our pop cultural landscape is just changing in fascinating, entertaining and often cringe-worthy ways.

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