Creating A Band Image.

Image is important! But is it as important as the music you play? Experts say “yes”!! Image is tied to professionalism… your look, appearance, the way you carry yourself (on and off stage) are all important factors in portraying a professional musician.

Here are a few pointers in helping you to build a healthy band image.

1. Email Address

I know it seems silly but something this simple is one of the first impressions you make as a band. Potsmoker420 does not send a positive message. Stick to your band name or the persons name that does your correspondence.

2. Social Media

Never (ever) discredit a promoter, venue, vendor or booking agent on social media pages …if you wish to continue doing any business with them. Word spreads quickly and you do not want to get a difficult to work with” reputation.

3. Follow up/ Follow through

Call back, email, private message as soon as possible. A timely response shows that not only do you care about your band but also respect the time and hard work of others. It shows punctuality!

4. Promptness

Be on time… even early if possible, it shows respect for your fellow hardworking musicians. Be prepared.

5. Never stop a song in middle

If you have rehearsed, it will show…. just as it does when you have not. Yes, to err is human but 9 out of 10 people will never realize you’ve made a mistake unless you draw attention to it!! Its not the mistakes you make but how you recover from them!

6.  Drunk musicians are not hot!!

Save the majority of your drinking for after you perform. I think we’ve all seen a show where one band member had way over indulged.. not often a pretty sight nor is it at all professional. Above all… never make a drunken scene , you’re not likely to be asked back.

7. Clean spaces

Always remember… clean up after yourself! Take your glasses to the bar, your empties to the trash, etc. It shows respect for the band performing after you, as well as the venue staff!

These are just a few things I’ve learned over the last few years that make a lasting impression. What do you want your image to say about your band? Do you want people excited to book you , to come out and see you, to buy your music? If so, i hope these  few tips help!!


Stonebreed…. Not only do they look like rock stars and sound like rock stars but have a stellar reputation of professionalism.


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Kantation. The band has the look and the sound!! Always do what they say they are going to do! As well as being extremely supportive of other bands by attending as many gigs as possible when not performing themselves.. always give back to the community.


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