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The Crow here, What’s up all you Nesters

Easter Bunny gets woman arrested for lewd act in public, a disapproving witness reported the crime to police. Unwanted sexual behavior with the Easter Bunny isn’t egg-zactly appropriate for a fifty four (54) year old woman especially around kids but that’s what an Ohio woman did,  Ladonna Hughett was arrested on Saturday after being reported for lewdly grabbing and propositioning the Bunny while he was working at the carousel park in Mansfield,  as Hughett posed with the rabbit for photos she propositioned and groped him in front of and within earshot of families at the indoor park according to station WLW in Columbus, Ohio.


Image result for woman molests Easter bunny


Image result for woman molests Easter bunny


We received a report at the Mansfield police department about an unusual assault at the Richland Carousel Park of an intoxicated female being very lewd an explicit with the ” Easter Bunny”,  Assistant Chief Keith Porch told station WLW, as officers arrived they found Hughett in the act . According to an arrest report obtained by The Smoking Gun, officers said Hughett appeared to be intoxicated and slurred her words along with bloodshot eyes and a wobbly demeanor. Hughett was charged with public drunkenness and booked into county jail to sleep it off for eight (8) hours and was released without being charged according to WLW.

Ladonna Hughett’s Facebook page seems to sums things up with this prophetic comment stating,  “I can be a handful but most times  I’m just an idiot”,  reports Metro.com

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