Friday The 13th.. Bad or Good?

Friday the 13th unlucky or lucky?
So where does the Superstition that bad things happen on the 13th of the month if it falls on a Friday?  Almost every culture within the Christian faith has its beliefs  about this subject,  as well as some subcultures such as paganism, or if you’d rather witchcraft.   Take a look at some of the horrible things  that have happened on a Friday the 13th.
Jesus Christ was crucified  on a Friday that happened to be the 13th  of the month.
During  world War II,  Buckingham Palace was bombed causing much damage.
A rugby team crashed in the Andes, leaving 13 people to resort to cannibalism to stay alive. A book and movie were written about this subject.
Tupac was shot and killed on a Friday the 13th.
Pope John Paul II shot 4 times on a Friday the 13th.
Kitty Genovese was murdered on a Friday the 13th.
Many people  refuse  to travel, plan weddings , buy homes, some won’t even leave their homes.   Proving disastrous  for one man who chose the latter option and  ended up perishing anyways when his building collapsed.
No matter your feelings on this holiday,  it has been shown, because of the superstitions that it is actually the best day to fly, as the rates are much cheaper. It is also the best day to purchase a home or rent a flat,  as well as book weddings or other events.
So is it really unlucky?  What do you think?  For me, it is always been a kick-ass day  but I am huge horror buff!!!

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  • splendor  says:

    Good Friday on the 13th

  • culture  says:

    Friday the 13th: good or bad luck in France

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