Fun Run Is A Cakewalk Even For The Lazy At Only ‘0.5K’

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Finally, a fun run that’s really fun ― or at least really short, There’s a doughnut stand about 150 meters into the run — it’s next to the smoking section. This run isn’t the typical five kilometers. On May 5, the town of Boerne, Texas, plans to hold its first ever “Boerne 0.5K” run. It’s only half a kilometer, a third of a mile. Conveniently,” the race starts at one local brewery and ends at another, Jay Milton told KSAT, a station in nearby San Antonio. At least close enough, he added, “that we can lie and say that it is “exactly” half a kilometer. Not only do you get a free beer at the start and end of the race, there is a doughnut and coffee station about 150 meters into the course, right next to the smoking section,  http://NPR noted.

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If walking about 1,640 feet is too strenuous, VIPs can pay an extra $25 and be transported across the finish line in a 1963 Volkswagen bus, according to CBS News Houston. Organizers promise bigger medals for those VIPs “because you are even more important, http://NPRNews noted. Organizers are no longer accepting entries because so many participants raced to sign up even though the run seems designed for people who don’t actually like any kind of physical movement. The money raised from the event will go to Blessings in a Backpack, a charity that provides food for underprivileged children when they’re not in school to receive lunch.

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