Higher Dispensary Pot Sales Expected On ‘Weed Wednesday”

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Cannabis industry insiders are predicting a sales “high” as pot smokers stock up on supplies before the Thanksgiving holiday. Thursday is supposed to be all about turkey, but Wednesday is apparently all about THC. “We expect this year’s holiday week to be awesome since so many Americans are becoming more open to cannabis consumption across the USA, particularly in California since legalization in January.” “Last year, Eaze saw a 98 percent increase in deliveries on Green Wednesday compared to a typical Wednesday in 2017,” Shriavi told HuffPost. Shiran Shiravi, the director of consumer communications at Eaze, a company that delivers cannabis products in California, expects to handle nearly double the doobie deliveries of a typical Wednesday, based on past results. That spike comes with a risk of shortages in states like Massachusetts, which on Tuesday will become the first state east of the Mississippi where pot is legal, according to the Boston Globe. “Obviously there is an immense demand, and we’ve been preparing for a while to help meet this. Sam Barber of Cultivate, a dispensary in Leicester, told WCVB TV it’s possible that demand will initially outpace the supply. We can’t make any guarantees about how long our supplies will last.

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Jessie Gibson, the co-founder and VP of Marketing for Greenery Map, a cannabis search engine and app, says shortages are a fact of life in his business for the short term. Some industry insiders say shortages and long lines at dispensaries are possible even in states like California where marijuana has been legally available since the first of the year.  “I think that the extent of the shortages will continue, but it will be market specific. Somewhere that is recently legal doesn’t have the same supply as let’s say California, but the demand will be very high. “We are seeing shortages every day these days as the interest continues to grow, and as cannabis sheds its stigma.” Others like Hannah Davis of Mammoth Distribution, which distributes cannabis products all over California, believes retailers are prepared for the lift in sales. “We expect sales to double this week, but we’re seeing our retailers stocking up so, hopefully, it’s not an issue,” she said. “I imagine that we will see these shortages for a number of years while the producers catch up with the ever-growing demand.” “I do expect people to make larger purchases to share with friends.” And The real question is, with a rise in cannabis sales for Thanksgiving, will we see a decrease in leftovers?”

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