House Of Metal Co-Founder Celebrates 50th Birthday @ His Home Base

The Crow here for c4ocradio

Malone’s Concert Venue @ 604 East Dyer Rd. Santa Ana, Ca. has become The Premier Concert Venue (two stages) in Orange County thanks in part to two (2) people from New Jersey, yes I said New Jersey, Growing up and going through school together in Jersey City, and Ridgefield Park, Edward (eddy) Iggy Cieplinski and Michael Cummings have turned the Indie Metal music scene in Southern Ca. into a metal destination for bands from around the country and abroad with their House of Metal promotions,

Thanks to their annual NAMM Show every year and the numerous concert events and charity work they preform in the community, along with the antics of the Bang Your Head with Mike and Ed posts, they have grown quite the loyal following. This is why bands have clamored to play and be a part of Ed’s Bday parties, if for no other reason but to see if he gets another pie in the face as in years past, any and everyone wants to be there and participate.

Ed’s 50th turned out to be one hell of a celebration with some of Southern Cali’s best band providing the music to a rowdy bunch of metal heads ripe for the show. Up first to start the night and set the tone was the Doom rock of c40c who debuted three (3) new songs off their up coming CD. (to be named later) A band out of Arizona, Full House, provided a plethora of classic rock tunes to keep the crowd at a high pitch of anticipation of what was to follow with Project UFO a tribute to UFO’s early work as well as a few more familiar songs. Last but not least was Early Priest, needless to say we all know where this is going, if you close your eyes you wouldn’t know you weren’t actually listening to Judas Priest, this band is by all intent and purpose a true copy in sound of the real deal. All in all Ed had one hell of a Bday party and had to be poured into an Uber at the end of the night, Good times my freinds, good times.

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