If We Didn’t Tell You Would You Know This Was A Sex Doll

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Sex dolls have definitely come a long way, An exhibition of love dolls shows just how far they’ve come in looking real. High end versions can sell for nearly $10,000 and look incredibly lifelike, as a new exhibit at a Tokyo art gallery demonstrates. Before they were flat-faced blow-up dolls better suited as flotation devices in wading pools. The exhibit, called “Artificial OTOME (girl) Museum” showcases “love dolls” inspired by paintings of Japanese women made by artist http://Ikenaga Yasunari.

The exhibit,&nbsp;called <a href="https://www.facebook.com/events/953932504726935/" target="_blank">"Artificial OTOME (girl)

Admission to the exhibit is limited to those over the age of 18. Besides the “Love Dolls,” the exhibit includes a leaflet that explains how the dolls were made, interviews with company officials and more artwork, according to Time Out Tokyo. This marks the fifth year the Vanilla Gallery has put the love dolls on display in an artistic setting. The exhibition goes through May 22 at the Vanilla Gallery.

The exhibition goes through May 22 at the<a href="http://www.vanilla-gallery.com/index.html" target="_blank"> Vanilla Gallery

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