Man From Virginia Wins The Lottery Playing Numbers From His Dream

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I’ve never had a dream like that before,” the computer programmer told Verginia Lottery officials. Victor Amole dreamed about the numbers 3-10-17-26-32 and when he woke, he used them in four identical Cash 5 tickets. By following his dreams, it led him straight to a six-figure lottery jackpot. The numbers hit on all four tickets, each worth the $100,000 top prize earning him $400,000 for the Jan. 13 drawing. According to the Verginia Lottery website, the odds of winning the Cash 5 game are 1 in 278,256. Amole plans on taking care of family and investing his winnings.

Why does anyone play a lottery, it’s a simple enough question, and surely the answer is to win big so you can tell your boss just where he can shove it so to speak, and retire with millions in the bank and a new lifestyle. Players play lotteries because they dream of winning the big prize period. If a lottery player buys a ticket every week for five years and doesn’t even win the smallest cash prize how long will he play before finding something more tangible to spend money on.“Big wins are what drives the industry. But big hopes and dreams alone do not satisfy today’s customers. They want a winning experience. “Everyone buys a lottery ticket at least once in his/her life,” added Gouloud Hammoud of 7StarBall


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