Marilyn Manson’s new video with Courtney Love

By: Ron DCMDJ Johnson


Greetings people of Earth!


Marilyn Manson’s new video for Tattooed in Reverse will feature Courtney Love as his Nurse. As you know, the history for these two goes way back. It’s been love hate love with mostly hate but I wasn’t too surprised to see them together again. How long until the next round of hate? You can never tell but it’s always entertaining when they get together.This video is definitely no exception to any of his previous videos being a shock rocker for many years makes it tougher to shock us. Check out the video for Tattooed in Reverse.




MM has also featured his buddy Johnny Depp in his recent video for Say10.  Check out this link to more info on the video shoot for Tattoed in Reverse.



             I’ve been to several Marilyn Manson shows from the early days with the Spooky Kids to arena tours and back to smaller venues again. If you have the chance you should go see him….no matter what lineup he may have because the show is all about him anyway….you will not be disappointed. I haven’t been to one of his shows in a few tours so I think it’s time to scratch that itch and go see him the next time around. Until then…check out a couple of my favorite songs from Marilyn Manson.




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