Massive Lizard Terrorizes South Florida Family

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‘Terror in Davie’ “Dude, he’s big ― real big,” That might sound like the title of a B movie, but it’s a real-life nightmare for a family of four in South Florida who are being harassed by what looks like a prehistoric reptile. Zach Lieberman, 33, told HuffPost of the massive creature that’s been slinking around his house. “He’s every bit of 6-feet and every part of 100- to 150-pounds. He’s a monster.” I thought, ‘Wow, we got quite the lizard problem.’ “My wife was walking by our sliding glass door and let out a pretty loud scream,” he said. “I ran over and looked out the shades on the door and, lo and behold, Godzilla’s smaller cousin was right there. It was alarming to me and terrifying to my wife and kids.” At one point, Lieberman said, he decided to lure the monitor away from his door. That’s the moment, he said, that he realized just how big of a problem the lizard could be. “I was trying to lure it into my garage, so I could contain it, and it got a little aggressive,” he said. “He apparently got hip to my idea, turned on me and took off running.

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Davie isn’t Tokyo ― and the lizard in question isn’t related to Godzilla (that we know of), but to show they weren’t losing their minds, the Liebermans took several videos of the giant lizard. It’s since been identified as an Asian water monitor. I thought this was a slow creature. Man, it’s not! That really frightened me because we have two small kids, 2 and 4 years old. They can’t go in the backyard now because this thing could dart out in an instant.” The Liebermans contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, so far it has proved to be one slick lizard. “It’s not falling for the dead rats they’re using as bait.” The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has been trying for the past several days to capture the slinky monitor. “Originally, they were going to euthanize the animal, so that’s why I got involved,” said Mike Kimmel, owner of Martin County Trapping & Removals and Martin County Wildlife Rescue, who’s known as Trapper Mike, “I knew I could find a home for him, and I really wanted to preserve his life.” “There’s been some discrepancy as to whether it’s a Nile or Asian,” Kimmel explained. “I think the media wants it to be a Nile because then it’s a little scarier, but it’s an Asian water monitor.” On Tuesday, a neighbor claimed it was his lost pet, according to Lieberman and Kimmel. “I spoke with the supposed pet owner,” Kimmel said. “He told me its name is Bamboo and it escaped a few weeks ago. He said he kept it in his pool and that he has three others as well.

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