Memorabilia Changes Moods

So in one of my previous articles I spoke about reliving memories through music. Going through some stickers and other memorabilia  recently, I realized how many memories of great shows I’ve been to. Just seeing the memorabilia brought up so many great times. I’m sure we all have our favorite bands, but that doesn’t mean it was the best show you ever went to , or that what you purchased at their show,  merchandise wise, it’s not necessarily your favorite piece. One of my favorite things, that brings back the most memories, is of course my denim jacket from high school. I started making this jacket in 1980, and yes, it still fits LOL. Everytime I look at even one of those patches I remember all the great shows I got to see from that particular band. And there are a lot of patches on that jacket! I highly suggest that when you’re feeling down, pull out all your memorabilia and remember all the great musical times you’ve had , I know it puts me in a better mood! Share with us what your favorite piece is.


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