Music Makes Memories That Last a Lifetime

Sitting up here at my parents this morning ,I remember when I was a kid. I had this little red Panasonic AM FM radio, I would carry that thing around  with me just about everywhere. The music on the other end was magical ,it was a playlist to my day. Back then I had no curiosity as to what the people playing the music might actually be like. Today I’m blessed enough to know, I even have met and hung  out with  some of my favorites, like the guys in Eden and August Redmoon. Now that  I’m involved in the music business I don’t have to imagine anymore,  and yes , it is still magical. Not only do I get to see and hear all the new Kick-Ass local bands, but I get to meet and hang out with these amazing musicians. I really never dreamed I’d have such a kick-ass job… But going from the medical field  to music sure is a culture shock!  I never went to school for what I’m doing now.. I have learned more in the field  than I could ever learn from books.  And what a way to learn! I’m having a blast going to see all these shows, making new and amazing friends.  There are so many fantastic  venues to go see live shows any night of the week,  many of them are free. So get out, go see a show, support your local musicians… May have an awesome time, make some new friends and get turned on to a really Kick-Ass band.Make new memories through music!! Maybe even remember some great times from the past.

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