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I love when you get new music sent to us here at C4OCradio. When one of our Dj’s bring in a new local act or artists send me MP3’s to our email. ( I feel like we just got a gift or a Christmas present. Maybe its because I get the chance to hear a new band or artist! And i get to share them to all our beautiful listeners and supporters.

We have fare to many submissions to get the all into one blog, so i will be doing a weekly new music blog. Watch for that!

So here are some of the past and new artists added to C4OCradio


BLUES and Acoustic

Brian Young.

Millertime Jones

Mike Jacoby



Rock and Punk




Anger the Giant



 Please Check out all these bands?

And Bands, If you want to get your band heard on C4OCradio send your EPK and MP3’s to

And MOST OF ALL. LISTEN LIVE 24/7 To the one and only Local band radio station.



The Local Place For The Local Artist

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