OZZY says no more tours AGAIN!

By: Ron DCMDJ Johnson


Greetings people of Earth!

Upon the announcement from Ozzy Osbourne that he will be no longer touring I tried to be excited to go see him one last time but I seem to remember doing that when I was in freaking  junior high. Over the years I’ve grown tired of big name bands making the farewell tour announcement only to be back out on the road a few years later with a brand new reunion album. No matter how much Satan loves you, eventually, even Ozzy will cease doing anything. So on that note, here’s a link to the OZ man’s official page for No More Tours 2.




Even though I don’t seem to be excited to see OZZY one last time you know I’ll be there even if it’s in the cheap seats, banging my head and singing along. I’m sure this will be his last go around…..at least as OZZY Osbourne. I expect there will be some kind of last tour with Black Sabbath. No matter what the line-up as long as there is Ozzy and Tony Iommi I’ll go. Check out tickets in your area for this farewell tour and look for me somewhere at The Hollywood Bowl on October 11th. I can’t wait to see Stone Sour open for him.




Until then, enjoy some of my favorites songs from Ozzy Osbourne.

Thank you people of Earth for your time, comments and sharing this story.





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