Party down, Margarita-Loving Bear Lives Its Best Life By Taking A Dip In A Hot Tub

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KABC-TV and the Associated Press report. On Friday, a bear in California decided to start its Fourth of July celebration a few days early, http://Mark Hough was fixing to beat the summer heat with a margarita on his lush Altadena property when he heard a noise. At first, he dismissed it as likely his neighbor moving around next door. But when it intensified, he got up to investigate and saw a bear climbing over his fence. Hough said it knocked over the margarita he’d left behind when he scuttled indoors and lapped it all up. Hough took a video of his uninvited guest, who was clearly on the prowl for more than the usual honey, porridge or some much-needed pants. you can see the bear bopping around in Hough’s unheated Jacuzzi.

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Later in the day, after the party animal took a dip, Hough was chatting with a neighbor when he spotted the bear taking a siesta in a nearby tree. “So he had his margarita, he had his Jacuzzi, and now he’s ready for an hour nap,” Hough told KABC-TV. In June, a mama bear and her cubs were spotted playing in a family’s pool. Bear sightings aren’t totally unheard of in Eaton Canyon close to Pasadena. A Southern California suburb. But Hough’s wild encounter has made a huge splash online. Hough made himself two margaritas When the bear eventually left his property exclaiming, Cheers to that!

Image result for free blog pics of california bears in hot tubs

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