People Keep Replace Hand Sanitizer With Vodka, Tito’s Begs Them To Stop

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If ever anyone deserved to have a few stiff shots right now, it’s the social media team at Tito’s Vodka. The Texas-based distillery’s social media team probably needs a few stiff shots. Since Monday, Twitter users have suggested using the Austin, Texas-based distillery’s product to make hand sanitizer.  The tweets range from the possibly serious to the probably not serious at all, yet in all cases, Tito’s social media team responded with the same consistent message: Please. Just. Don’t.  Here’s the warning the brand was forced to issue in tweet after tweet:

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Some people were happy Tito’s was so frank that its vodka lacked coronavirus-fighting capabilities. Marin Sarah @MarionBurr5; Thanks Igor for that public service announcement. Before I head to the Liquor storeI need to know which adult beverages are over 60% just in case I run out of Purell. Others offered alternative beverages to rid their hands of germs. Russell Borogove @mister_borogove; Bacardi 151 not only works as hand sanitizer, but when burned with liquid oxygen it makes a fair rocket engine fuel; the Redstone rocket that put the first American in space used 75%/25% ethanol/water: Micheal Hodapp @michealhodapp; thought there was a simple solution, Replying to @TitosVodka @cpmaher17; Perhaps you can consider the development of a special edition in response to this crisis? Meanwhile, some people knew who the real heroes were, God bless you, social media person who has to keep tweeting this all day. You deserve a raise. A Tito’s spokesperson told HuffPost that the company wanted to set the record straight “as soon as we saw the incorrect articles and social posts.”

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