Rainbow Shines Its Way Into The Record Books, after a 9-Hour stint.


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Guinness World Records has taken a multi-colored shine to a Taiwan university that it says was the site of the longest-ever rainbow. Color them impressed. It lasted a whopping eight hours and 58 minutes, according to science professor Chou Kun-hsuan. The record-breaking arc was seen Nov. 30 last year in the skies over Chinese Culture University near Taipei. Guinness World Records agreed and will officially declare the rainbow the longest ever recorded at a ceremony at the university on Saturday, according to Taiwan News . The Taipei area rainbow handily beat the former record-holder, which arched for six hours over Wetherby, Yorkshire, on March 14, 1994.

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Chou told the BBC Rainbows typically last less than an hour. he knew he was seeing something special around the four-hour mark “When we broke the previous record after passing six hours, I was hardly able to stay seated for lunch,” he said. “I was so excited. I wanted to make sure we captured the rainbow. he university’s main campus is located in the Yangmingshan mountain range. Conditions common to its winter microclimate are being credited for the rainbow’s longevity.

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