Reported Burglar Turns Out To Be ‘Rogue Squirrel’

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A woman in Harrow, London, thought she heard something suspicious in her home Thursday morning, The loud noises prompted the woman to phone the police and report a suspected burglary, but it wasn’t what she thought. When officers responded, they found only a “rogue squirrel,” according to a tweet from the Harrow Borough Police. Officers from called to an address in , the occupant could hear noises from downstairs and believed she was being burgled. Turned out the “suspect” was a rogue squirrel.

The caller was very distressed and called 999 as she heard noises downstairs and believed she was being burgled,” a police spokesman told Get West London “Officers attended on blue lights and established the only suspect was a squirrel who had knocked some items over and caused a bit of a mess.” (“999” is the United Kingdom’s version of 911))  http://Joey the Squirrel, a pet squirrel in Idaho who valiantly defended his home by scratching the human burglar, is the most famous squirrel to be involved in a burglary, “actually was on the right side of the law.” The spokesman added that the furry UK perp was “released with no charges.”


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