Rock’s not dead,it’s ruled by women

Speaking amongst ourselves here at about music that most excites us, I consistently marvel at how much kick ass rock and roll is being made by female performers who work just below the surface of the mainstream.

I’ve been inspired and astonished by a new generation of  female singers and musicians —often “punk rock” in style or spirit, most coming from the local venues (The House of  Metal,The Doll hut, The Slidebar and so many more here in OC) and the amazing rock and roll schools (School of Rock, Rock Stars of Tomorrow,etc). They are consistently making a positive impact on the local music scene,playing every weekend ,bringing in the audience in the same level as their male counterparts.

It’s time to take a look at your local music scene and honor these women who continue to forge ahead for future generations.One of my favorite women in the OC scene is Nancy Flannagan.

More fantastic women that rock to follow in coming posts.






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  • Dennis Michael Kopczak  says:

    This Is So Awesome!!!

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