Sex Doll Brothel Caters To Those Who Don’t Want Human Touch


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Schwarz purchased her silicon working girls from Asia for around $2,538 each. Each plastic prostitute is a different size, wi

Dortmund, Germany, may be ground zero for the next sexual revolution, thanks to the world’s first brothel showcasing silicon sex dolls. The Brothel ,Called Bordoll, opened last year to Johns (men) wanting to enjoy the charms of one or more of the establishment’s 13 female sex dolls. (one male doll, we don’t discriminate) At around $101 per hour, for each session, and owner Evelyn Schwarz says each doll is booked to “work” 12 sessions a day, according to the Metro.

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Schwarz purchased her silicon prostitutes from an Asia distributor for around $2,500 each. Each plastic working girl is a different size, with different hair colors and breast sizes. Since opening the brothel doors, Schwarz said, men all over Germany have patronized the establishment — and she claims over 70% (percent) have come back, “For many it is not a fetish but more of a curiosity,” she said, according to r. Schwarz says it’s not uncommon for women to wait “outside in the car” while their husbands has sex with a dolls.

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