Sex Doll Brothel Is Blocked By Houston Officials

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(Reuters) – The Houston City Council on Wednesday prevented what was billed as the first brothel in the United States equipped with sex dolls by altering a local ordinance to block the business and any others like it.  “You cannot engage in sexual activities with any inanimate objects at the business,” Turner said in explaining the change. The Houston Chronicle reported that Toronto-based KinkySdollS had planned to open a Houston location where customers could both buy “adult love dolls” and rent them for use in private rooms.

Mayor Sylvester Turner told reporters after the council meeting that the vote amounted to a modification of an existing city ordinance. People will still be able to buy the dolls, he said. The company has opened a similar business in Toronto, according to its website. “We are investigating our options,” he said in a telephone interview. KinkySdollS founder, Yuval Gavriel, said he is talking to lawyers about suing the city over its decision.

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