Texas Politician Suggest E.T.s Need Religion As He Alienates Twitter Users

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Jonathan Stickland, a GOP State Rep. was mocked after suggesting that aliens would have to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior if they wanted to visit heaven. After The New York Times posted a story about the Pentagon’s UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) Task Force, a Texas state representative alienated many Twitter users Friday with his comments on extraterrestrials. Republican Rep. Jonathan Stickland suggested that if ETs exist, they will need extra help if they want to get to heaven. IF aliens are real, Salvation through Jesus Christ is the only way they enter Heaven. Stickland described himself as a “Christian conservative liberty-loving Republican,” but many of his Twitter followers weren’t impressed with the theological implications of his tweet. Pat McDonald, replying to Rep. Jonathan Stickland”s comments, That’s a pretty arrogant statement. Given that they’re likely not human, and are evolved beyond the mental constructs of heaven and hell. Or James Hamric who said, I don’t even know where to start. It is a virtual certainty that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe. But why would they need salvation? And why is salvation only available through your god? If they reach us, they are far more advanced than we are.

Most alien life forms are not dumb enough to blindly follow a make-believe invisible man in the sky and some desert dude that was created by a bunch of other men in a desert thousands of years ago. In fact, that is most likely the reason why they are staying the HELL away from us says Falbi a Twitter user. Libtard Jesus, Acting Director of Everything said, Maybe they have their own sky god(s). Maybe THEY created us. Maybe your god was a precocious child of theirs that ran away and made a mess in a mud puddle. All this and more is possible. Why would God hold them accountable to the savior of mankind? Wouldn’t they get one of their own? What if they’re still in his good graces an not in need of salvation?! *humans are the bad ones* One last thought from Mandi @mandymais, Wow, aliens haven’t even been confirmed and Christians already trying to push their religion on them. One person jokingly offered some sage advice. jimmyo @jimmyotx, A little too early to be smoking weed dude.

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